How to Clean Air Jordans?

Do you have any Air Jordan shoes in your shoe cabinet? Do you know how to clean Air Jordans shoes? Continue reading the following article for more useful tips and information to keep your Air Jordan shoes looking like new!

Basic Cleaning

Dislodge dirt and dust 

Take off your Air Jordans and tap the bottoms together to get rid of any dirt that may be stuck on them. Use a paper towel or shoe brush like this to get rid of dust and dirt that you can see. You can get the dirt out of the shoes’ folds and corners with a toothbrush or a small cloth. Clean your shoes outside or on a surface that is easy to clean or has a cover.

Wipe down the soles 

Soak a small cloth or sponge in warm water. Wipe your shoes’ uppers and midsoles to get rid of small marks or stains. For a brighter clean on the midsoles, you can also use magic eraser cleaning pads.

Wipe down the soles 

Soak a small cloth or sponge in warm water. Wipe your shoes’ uppers and midsoles to get rid of small marks or stains. For a brighter clean on the midsoles, you can also use magic eraser cleaning pads.

Use sneaker cleaning wipes 

For quick cleaning on the go, buy cleaning wipes that make just for sneakers. Wipes can use to clean your shoes as soon as they get dirty on the outside. Normal baby wipes can also use in a pinch to clean dirt or stains off your shoes.

Deep Cleaning

Use cold water and dish soap to clean them

Wet the bristles of a shoe brush (you can find them in shoe stores or online) with cold water and add a few drops of dish soap. Scrub your shoes all over, adding water to the brush and more soap as needed. Use a toothbrush for spots that are hard to reach.

Scrub the soap off with cold water

Rinse the soap off your shoes in the sink with a gentle stream of cool water. Don’t use hot water on your shoes because it can damage the material and glue. To get rid of excess water, shake the shoes, squeeze the fabric, and pat them down with a dry paper towel.

Make use of a fan to quickly dry your shoes

You can dry your wet Air Jordans by putting them in front of an electric fan. The movement of the wind will help dry the shoes and stop any damage from water. Do not use a blow dryer on your shoes or put them near a heat source, as heat can damage the glue that holds the shoes together.

Cleaning Your Laces

Put laces in the washing machine 

Choose a gentle setting with cold water to clean your shoelaces in the washing machine. Take the shoelaces off and put them in a mesh laundry bag so they don’t get tangled up in the agitator. If you don’t have a mesh bag, put your laces in a pillowcase and tie it shut before putting it in the washing machine.

Soak the laces 

Warm water and about a spoonful of detergent should be combined in a separate basin. To soak the laces for 20 minutes, place them in the basin and whisk them around for about 10 seconds. Take the laces out, wash them in warm water, and let them air dry on a towel.

Buy new laces 

If the filth and grime on your laces prevent them from being cleaned properly, you should replace them. Laces on shoes take a beating and need to be changed when they become frayed or lose their color. Changing the laces on your Air Jordans is a quick and easy method to give them a whole new appearance.

Deodorizing Your Shoes

Use tea bags 

Air Jordans may be deodorized by placing three teabags in each shoe and letting them rest for 24 hours. To prevent the growth of bacteria that causes foul odors, use tea bags in your shoes. If you really want your shoes to smell like new, try brewing a pot of mint or lavender tea.

Use a combination of vinegar and water to spray them

Fill a spray bottle with water and white vinegar and shake well to combine. Prepare your Air Jordans by spraying the insides with the appropriate solution. Dry the shoes by setting them in front of an electric fan.

Use baking soda 

You shouldn’t put baking soda in your Air Jordans since it might dry up the material and make the shoes fragile. Put a spoonful of baking soda inside a coffee filter, dryer sheet, or a scrap of fabric and secure the package with an elastic. To give your shoes a new lease on life, stuff one of these bundles into each of them for around 24 hours.Two or three bundles of baking soda may be used to neutralize strong scents in each shoe.

In a nutshell, you should routinely wipe away any dust or mud that has settled on your Air Jordans. To thoroughly know how to clean Air Jordans shoes, use dish soap and a shoe brush as required. Keep your shoes looking new by cleaning or replacing the laces regularly. You may use tea bags, a vinegar spray, or baking soda to get rid of odors in your Air Jordans. Baustab hopes that the above article is useful and your shoes will always be like new.

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